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The accounting tases like wood, the financial statements cannot be completed, or your company's financial management is otherwise just messed up?

We can help.

Sometimes it's just easier to ask for help

NOCFO has been designed from the beginning as a service that allows small entrepreneurs to fulfill their accounting obligations themselves. However, for one reason or another, bookkeeping is not always successful or simply not enjoyable. You may have already started doing bookkeeping with NOCFO, but you realize after a couple of months that you want to outsource your bookkeeping. For this and other situations; we offer accounting as a service to both our current and new customers.

To surprise everyone; we are using our own accounting software to do the accounting, through which it is easy to submit receipts electronically for example by photographing the receipts directly to NOCFO with your phone. In addition, you always have access and visibility to your own company's accounting and the most important key figures. If you wish, you can also let us handle the entire financial management of your company.

  • Accounting service starting from 79 €/month*

    If you no longer like doing the bookkeeping yourself, we can take care of it completely for you. No hidden costs. This package includes financial statements and tax returns.

  • Comprehensive financial management starting from €99/month*

    When, in addition to accounting, you want to outsource other financial matters of your company, such as sending and paying invoices and payroll.

  • Completing financial statements starting from €99*

    The bookkeeping is successful, but the financial statements and the tax return are difficult? This is also taken care of by us.

  • Other consulting with separate pricing

    We also help with problems related to entrepreneurship, finances and taxes

*VAT 24% is added to the prices.

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